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We research your prospects and write your personalised first lines delivered each week 'ready to send' in a Google sheet.

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Convert cold propsects.
Fill up your calendar.
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Skyrocket reply rates

8x your cold email responses and increase your conversion rate with our personalised first lines.

Connect with more prospects at scale

Easily integrate and automate our first lines into your outreach system. Start sending out snippets to all of your list.

Reclaim 10 hours each week

Never spend hours on personalised first lines again. Focus on tasks with higher value and increase your productivity.

Not sure why you need personalised first lines written for you?

Check out who we work with:

Seed Funded Startups

There are high expectations for you to drive growth. Use our custom first lines to inform prospects of who you are, so you can quickly reach out to more people.

Sales Reps and SDR Teams

Spend more time on the phone and less time researching leads. Convert cold prospects into sales opportunities by using our snippets to connect with more people.

Solo Founders

Spend more time reaching out to your dream clients and closing more deals. Our snippets can make your cold emails work more efficiently, and help you save hours on the research and writing.

SaaS and Tech Companies

You could be wasting sales opportunities by not personalising your first lines. Our team will use their SaaS and tech experience help you deliver the right messages to your prospects.

B2B Agencies

Need to book more meetings? Show your prospects that you’ve done your research on them by sending our personalised first lines that increase opens and conversion rates.

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How will you get more responses?

A simple 3-step process to 8x your reply rates.


Choose how many contacts you need researching and enter your payment details. We'll send you an immediate confirmation that your order has been received and is being worked on.


You fill out a quick onboarding form, providing us with company names, job titles, and/or LinkedIn profiles. Our team will research your prospects and start writing your snippets.


An invite to your Google sheet with your freshly researched list will be delivered to your inbox within 48 hours.

What do I do next?

Upload your data to your preferred cold email software cold outreach softwares such as: Mailshake, Salesloft, Outreach,, and others.

Testimonials from Reply Booster customers

Hear from customers Amar, CEO of Zenmaid (7 figure B2B SaaS)
and Tyler Gillespie, CEO,

You're in good hands

See what our clients are saying:

5 / 5

“Saves time, research is on point, team is excellent, and these icebreakers seem to hit the spot with prospects. What more can I ask for? It’s a great addition to my outreach.”

Claire Grant - Founder
5 / 5

“I would highly recommend this to any sales reps who are looking to get more responses and increase their productivity by spending less time writing cold emails. This is really helpful in saving my sales team a lot of time whilst making our cold outreach more effective. We were able to connect with a lot more people at scale (including on LinkedIn) using these snippets so it is definitely worth every penny.”

Wayne Gregory - Sales Leader
5 / 5

“Worth every penny. Most of my emails were getting ignored. These custom first liners are doing their job - getting responses and increasing our conversion rates! Plus, I don’t have to spend hours on end researching on LinkedIn anymore.”

Jackson Knight - CEO
5 / 5

“Before this we were only getting one reply every few days from my cold emails. Now, we managed to close more deals due to the amount of calls we were landing through our cold email strategy. Would definitely recommend this to any B2B company that is struggling with getting responses with their emails.”

Robert Critchley - SaaS Founder

Still undecided?

Fill up your sales funnel with leads

Book more meetings using personalisation - the best way you can show your prospects you've done your homework on them.

Easier for SDR teams to prospect

Use our personalised first lines with your email softwares such as, Outreach, Mailshake, and more.

Stop wasting time on researching sales prospects

Tired of trawling LInkedin, company websites and blogs to personalise your emails? Let us take the hassle away and get all your prospect custom first lines in your google sheet ready to send.

Reach more prospects in a short amount of time

All you need to do is hit send! Get custom first lines for your lead list within 48 hours, so you can begin reaching out to more dream prospects quicker!

AI Tools Will Never Replace The Human Touch

Don't confuse your prospects. Our team will make sure that your personalised first lines are dynamic and consistent to your brand voice (something AI could never do).

Your leads are waiting.

Power up your cold outreach with 5 FREE custom first lines to boost your reply rates in 48 hours - just fill out the form below.