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Buy our "Outreach resources" to give your team the resources they need to sell including targeted data research, outbound ready email accounts, and high converting copy.

*Designed for B2B software or digital agency service-based businesses with a minimum new client value of $20,000+ per year.

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Lead gen solutions for B2B services

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Base fee + performance-based lead generation

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Mark was incredibly valuable and was able to fit in a lot of knowledge and guidance to our 30 min initial call. We were very scattered in our original plan for how were going to launch our new service to the market and were doing lots of different outreach but Mark really helped us focus on the goal we wanted and really assisted in building a strong plan for how to initially be successful in cold outreach. We would HIGHLY reccommend reaching out to Mark!
Ellie Pereira
I tried a few different growth and lead gen services and also tried doing it myself (and failed miserably). What I liked about Growth Warrior's approach for Applause Lab is I didn't have to any of the admin, just show up to calls booked in my calendar and book calls.
Tyler Gillespie - CEO at Applauselab
Mark and the team have been great in allowing 'hands-off' lead gen and being able to focus on turning up to calls and closing deals. The onboarding process was thorough and ensured they really understood our business before starting to outreach to new prospects. I highly recommend Growth Warriors for other B2B companies looking for new sales opportunities.
Jozef Wallis - CEO, Medical People
As a technical consultant, I don't want to be doing lead gen as my time is valuable. Mark's consultant package was a great time saver and I now just turn up to the calls and help solve my new client's problems.
Chris Rose - CTO and ecommerce consultant

How will you book more sales calls?

Your monthly campaign will include:


Up to 1,000 highly targeted dream prospects researched.


Outreach across multiple channels --> Includes: Outreach emails and Linkedin messages.


We manage a senior executive at your company's Linkedin profile.


Qualified leads booked directly on your calendar.


Real-time conversation monitoring

Menu-based pricing

Choose the services below that you need for your sales team

I'm a U.S company with $10k new client value.
I'm a UK company with £10k new client value.

Outbound email set up service

Get 3 email accounts ready to send emails in 30 days!

  • 3x Email accounts set up and optimized (don't use your own company domain to send to cold leads)
  • Email account formatting (including Name, Photo, Signature)
  • Warm up email account in 30 days.
  • One-time report of the email deliverability status.
  • Setup the domain records (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • Bonus: Special offer on our top recommended outbound email software!

Outbound copywriting sequence

*'Prospect data' package not included.

  • Customized 3-4 step email sequence written by an expert B2B sales copywriter.
  • Shorter version A & B to test which performs the best.
  • Bonus: 50 personalised written snippets created for your emails to increase response rates.

B2B list building service

We research fresh up-to-date contact data delivered as a google sheet.

$999per month
£999per month
  • Quality not quantity up to 500 freshly researched prospects per month.
  • Taking your Ideal customer profile to find the best prospects.
  • We research your prospect's business email only.
  • All emails validated to 90%+ email data accuracy.
  • First name, Last name, Job title, Company, and LinkedIn profile included.

Personalized researched email copy

Show your prospect you've researched about them and 2X your response rates!

$1499per month
£999per month
  • 500 Personalised written snippets of 2-5 lines of copy to use in prospect emails.
  • Email data not included (you can buy our 'list building' package and we will complete both jobs)

B2B list enrichment service

Enquire for pricing for enrichment research for a new or existing prospect list.

  • Personal or company phone numbers.
  • Annual revenue.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Technologies used.
  • Employee headcount.
  • Recent hiring growth.
  • Minimum 3 month engagement for enrichment research services.

Outbound package

Standard reach out & lead generation with sub packages included with discount.

$2500per month
£2500per month
  • Outbound email set up service package included.
  • Outbound copywriting sequence package included.
  • B2B list building service package included.
  • Personalized researched email copy
  • $2000/per month from second month

No Contracts - Cancel anytime


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Who is behind Growth Warriors?

A British guy who knows a scary amount about growth marketing

Mark Cann


Hi future customer, I've been in your shoes and learned the hard way about B2B outreach. Much of the information out there is either out of date or promotionally biased to sell tools. I created Growth Warriors to solve the problem for B2B companies who wanted qualified calls without countless hours learning new tools around with tools and testing different messaging. I look forward to meeting you, learning about how you help your customers and propelling your businesses growth.