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Your custom researchers delivering prospect insight weekly

Simple pricing

Each package includes data research of your prospects and 3 data points per prospect. As a guide, most outreach campaigns require a minimum of 250 records with 500 a month being the average campaign.

Solo consultant (research only)SMB GrowthSales teamsEnterprise
I just need prospects researched and will write my own custom lines.I need 250 prospects researched for lead research and ready made first lines.If you have 2 or more SDR's then this 500 prospect package is for you.Need more than 500 prospects researched and custom lines written?
Number of prospects researched100250500
First name, last name, business email, Linkedin profile provided.
Minimum of 3 data points researched including Linkedin, blogs, and company website.
Custom first lines written by our editors.
Delivered in a google sheet ready for you to load in to your outbound email campaigns.
Prospect research is delivered in batches every 2 weeks to send to your leads.
Linkedin "ready to send" custom linesSocial networks like Linkedin need a more social approach "I noticed XYZ about you" and the custom line needs to be much shorter to add to your connect request message.
Bonus: Email outreach cheat sheet (reserved for our clients who spend $10k+)
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