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$49 to get started with 1 email account setup & warmed up within 30 days!

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I'm a U.S company with $10k new client value.
I'm a UK company with £10k new client value.

Outbound email set up service

Get 3 email accounts ready to send emails in 30 days!

  • 3x Email accounts set up and optimized (don't use your own company domain to send to cold leads)
  • Email account formatting (including Name, Photo, Signature)
  • Warm up email account in 30 days.
  • One-time report of the email deliverability status.
  • Setup the domain records (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • Bonus: Special offer on our top recommended outbound email software!

Outbound copywriting sequence

*'Prospect data' package not included.

  • Customized 3-4 step email sequence written by an expert B2B sales copywriter.
  • Shorter version A & B to test which performs the best.
  • Bonus: 50 personalised written snippets created for your emails to increase response rates.

B2B list building service

We research fresh up-to-date contact data delivered as a google sheet.

$999per month
£999per month
  • Quality not quantity up to 500 freshly researched prospects per month.
  • Taking your Ideal customer profile to find the best prospects.
  • We research your prospect's business email only.
  • All emails validated to 90%+ email data accuracy.
  • First name, Last name, Job title, Company, and LinkedIn profile included.

Personalized researched email copy

Show your prospect you've researched about them and 2X your response rates!

$1499per month
£999per month
  • 500 Personalised written snippets of 2-5 lines of copy to use in prospect emails.
  • Email data not included (you can buy our 'list building' package and we will complete both jobs)

B2B list enrichment service

Enquire for pricing for enrichment research for a new or existing prospect list.

  • Personal or company phone numbers.
  • Annual revenue.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Technologies used.
  • Employee headcount.
  • Recent hiring growth.
  • Minimum 3 month engagement for enrichment research services.

Outbound package

Standard reach out & lead generation with sub packages included with discount.

$2500per month
£2500per month
  • Outbound email set up service package included.
  • Outbound copywriting sequence package included.
  • B2B list building service package included.
  • Personalized researched email copy
  • $2000/per month from second month

Recorded video case study

Need case studies for cold email?
We write and record 2x video case studies

  • Videoask recorded interview with your client.
  • Written script for the 'problem', 'soliution', and 'outcome'
  • Delivered as an MP4 file or uploaded to your Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Recorded over an existing Google slide or JPG.
  • E.g https://vimeo.com/465102110
$250 to get started£250 to get started

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